“What is simple? Well that s a bit like the ‘What is art?’ question really but the answer for most of us is that we know it when we see it. For me, simple means no fuss and no waste!

From a construction point of view it means using systems and techniques that are tried and true, light timber framework that is easy and quick to erect and cladding materials that are readily available and easy to work with.

From a design point of view it’s about lean lines, well thought out spaces where nothing frustrates and there are no distractions. Simple is quality you feel.”


“Beauty is the balance of function and form. It looks right because it is right. I’ve used a curved roof on a number of projects to add interest, but not to the extent where it makes a grand statement.

Timber windows and cedar weatherboards add richness and texture to the exterior, and they are always placed under generous eaves to ensure minimum maintenance. I use natural products like Tassie oak flooring to bring in warm colours, stone bench tops for contrast and beams where they add value.

My homes all have workable proportions so you have plenty of space but are not dwarfed in a Mac-mansion. You have sun where you want it, fresh air where you need it and quiet areas to hide away in. Generous outdoor spaces let you enjoy the best of Tassie’s good weather.”


“We have a two pronged approach to efficiency. The first is in our design. My father Bill is the inspiration, and with 45 years experience in architecture is more passionate than ever about functional, affordable housing design.

The School of Bill Reynolds preaches ‘God is in the north point’ and it’s this approach that gives our houses such a high degree of liveability and comfort.

Clever use of space means there are no ‘lost’ areas in our designs, flow space is minimised so all your floor area is used giving you value for money. Bill’s approach is to; maximise the natural outlook, use generous eaves for protection from the elements, let the sun in and gain privacy.

Our houses are also energy efficient. We use sunlight for natural lighting and heating, and insulate floors, walls and ceiling to above the rating. I use a doubled layered flooring system that has airspace between the layers which not only acts as great insulation, but cuts down on movement, creaks and bounce.

Quality window joinery and double glazing eliminates drafts so the energy you use stays in.

All our homes are built with low maintenance in mind which means you have more time for living.”